Once Upon Python: Using a Series of Stories to Teach You Python by J.W. Roo
English | January 1, 2019 | ASIN: B07MRMY8V4 | 92 pages | AZW3 | 0.24 MB

This book uses a series of stories to teach you the basics of Python computer programming. It is for people who want to have fun while learning Python. People who want to learn the basics of computer programming through Python should read this book. This book assumes you know nothing about programming.This book is first in a series. The entire series, taken together, will cover what is generally included in a first-semester college Python course. This first volume covers: for loops, while Loops, if statements, lists, strings, and assignment statements. With this book, you can throw out those boring coding textbooks and massive open online courses (MOOCs). These inevitably start with the code for arithmetic, then move on quickly to the complex and confusing. These methods have all the delight and excitement of watching the proverbial paint dry. They quickly leave you pulling your hair out. No wonder no one gets through these things. The MOOC drop-out rate is about 97%. This book is for those who are just starting off on their first coding journey. It recognizes that learning computer-speak like you were a baby computer will be both mind-numbing and frustrating. You do not need an encyclopedia. You need a book with imagination and clarity in its teaching methods.Most books' lessons are as appealing and digestible as raw eggs and pure fiber, when students need profiteroles with hot fudge. The truth is there are no bad students, just bad computer books, courses, and teachers.This book introduces the revolutionary "K+1 Learning Method", which rests on three pillars. These are: (i) Use what you know; (ii) Too fast is deadly, and (iii) Boredom suffocates learning.This book teaches you Python via analogies to the three-dimensional world you face every day, a world you have already mastered. The book takes some liberties and presents imaginary places and scenarios, but the fundamental idea behind this book is that Python's processes are best understood by analogizing to the three-dimensional, physical world. Learning in this context involves understanding where Python and the 3-D world overlap and where they diverge.The book introduces you to Python as your newest friend. She is a friend, who just happens to need a lot of directions. In fact, throughout the book, it refers to Python as Pythanna. She is, of course, a Pymaid, half-girl, half onyx Python.Now, why should getting to know a universal thinking machine like Pythanna, be BORING, MIND NUMBING, and FRUSTRATING? It does not have to be. This book proves this. Soon, Pythanna will be helping you do all sorts of marvelous things. She will be as loyal as your pet Chihuahua and smarter than any super creature from another planet.Do not expect this book to seem like a traditional intro book. It is not, because those intro books do not work. The book's method may feel jarring at first, since it is not the typical teaching method. However, you will be learning Python a lot faster with a lot less difficulty than if you used one of those traditional intro books.

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