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Dimensions of your dining room. Before setting out to buy the table, take a good look at the dimensions of your dining room and then decide on the kind of table which will occupy optimal space. It does not make sense to buy a large table, if the dining room is small, or is an annex or extension of the kitchen. Also important are the shape of the room, other furniture and accessories located here and the ease of entry and exit once the new dining table is in.

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The dimensions of the tank are 101 cm wide x 41 cm deep x 50 cm high so it a good size. The Juwel pump/filter does a good job of cleaning the water unless you want to stock a high quantity of fish (or many messy ones!) It this is the case then it could be worth checking out an additional external filter (for example a Tetratec Ex700 comes strongly recommended). The recommended market price is (a nice round figure!) but you should really be aiming to pay nearer the mark.

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If you don't have one, you can use a towel (terry cloth) or any other fabric that can prevent your beads from moving or rolling. Continue by lay outing your design.

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